James has a selection of carefully chosen saddles that he carries with him and after careful analaysis of the horse and rider and consultation with the client. He will then start the process of fitting a saddle to carry the rider in the most balanced way, which in turn will increase the comfort and performance of the horse.

The Importance of a good Saddler: A saddle can make a world of difference to your horse and your riding. You wouldn’t want to work in the gym for an hour in badly fitting shoes…… A well fitting saddle allows your horse to move and work without any restrictions. It also gives the rider the freedom to ride without being tipped or moved into an incorrect position. It is recommended that all saddles are checked every six months as horses change shape with work and age. If you require a new saddle it could be one of the most expensive items that you buy for your horse. James understands this and will help you to find the right saddle for your horse and for your wallet. As it can be such a big decision you need to make sure you use a registered qualified saddle fitter that you can trust. All tack needs to be safe and in a good state of repair. Regular checking of all tack for damage to leather and stitching is essential for horse and rider safety. If you would like your tack checked for safety or you need an item repaired, James carries out a full repairs service. For more information about saddle fitting and tack safety please visit the Society of Master Saddlers website. (Please click on link below)



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